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TENET Christopher Nolan has sent a special message to Indian fans.

The recently launched Christopher Nolan movie Tenet grossed $ 53 million on its international debut, followed by $ 20.2 million in its first three days domestically. The global total currently stands at $ 146.2 million, already the sixth highest-grossing film worldwide this year.

Let me tell you the same Christopher Nolan who has created mind-boggling science fiction movies like Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and Dunkirk.
If you haven’t seen these movies yet, go and watch them now.
An interview of Nolan was taken regarding the success of the film, in which he appeared especially thanks to the Indian snare.

He said that there was a lot of excitement about this film in Indian fans, Indian fans supported him completely, which he is thankful for.
The shooting of this movie was done in many countries including India (shooting was done in Mumbai).
He said that during this time he felt very good after spending time in India.
You can also watch the entire interview on the official YouTube channel of Warner Brothers.
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