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Google Down, Gmail Down, Youtube Down!!!

Today 14th Decmeber at near 5′ O clock Google Server got Down .

Gmail Services ,Doc Services,Analytics ,Adsense Including Youtube is Down Across India.

Many users started reporting that their Google Services, Youtube not working at the end they got to know that Youtube itself got down.

Not Only YouTube many more google Services are Down.

Many Users including DFN-MEDIA also faced Google Analytics Down Problem .

It’s been 1 hour and doesn’t seem it start working we can see it’s still down, although this is not the first time, many time users reported that youtube down in Year 2020,2019 but google fixed all the issue quickly.

we are not sure but it seems it’s a big server down the problem and we can’t say how much time it will take to resume.

may corporate offices facing difficulties in their work because their work is much more dependent on Google services.

if its not resume then whole India might face a big problem.

although we don’t have any official statements and Infomation about this, why this happened?

google doesn’t given any official Statement or Tweet yet .

we will keep informing You .stay tuned with us.

Update: As we can see on our devices, Google has Fixed its Server down the issue at nearly 6’O clock .although some users are still facing the issue, but google will sort it down soon.

they have fixed the technical glitch in their servers.

although in this challenging period of time our talented memers entertained by creating various and funny memes.

here are some tweets which users share on the google server down problem.

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Even google can down but our memers can’t stop for one second from entertaining the whole world .they taught us that no matter whats the situation we always should smile, that’s all we can say!

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